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Customer Service

Company Process / 11.25.2020


Customer Service is KEY

At AGS, the Project Management Team prides themselves on clear, timely, and transparent communication with our clients. Our customer’s needs are always our number one priority and to ensure their confidence in AGS, we must build strong relationships.

Our Project Management Team faces an infinite number of obstacles in any given project. What we have learned from those experiences is how great communication can alleviate the pressure on both ourselves and the customers we serve. Whether we are relaying detailed information or discussing a challenge, the approach is the most crucial part in getting to a decision or resolution.

Understandably, our team desires to always provide good news to our customers, however, we know there are some difficult conversations that are needed to be had from time to time. AGS remains humble in delivering complicated circumstances and we are continuously improving. We care about our clients and we will always strive to communicate with the utmost urgency, respect, and honesty. We believe our Project Management Team achieves just that!


Project Management Organization with SmartSheet

Company Process / 07.27.2020

In order to successfully manage a sign project at AGS, organization is an absolute must. Between managing open issues, timelines, meetings, dialogues, etc., it feels as though chaos can ensue at any moment! The best way to avoid disorder and confusion is by having a strategy and keeping documented information logged appropriately. Because of this need to stay prepared, AGS is a subscriber of a web-based software called SmartSheet.