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Project Spotlight / 08.29.20190 comments

AGS Chosen as the signage and environmental graphics manufacturer for Subaru

In 2018, AGS was presented with the opportunity to work on an immensely rewarding project alongside Subaru of America as they relocated their headquarters to Camden, NJ. Subaru is more than just a car company. They continue to stand by their promise to “always do the right thing” for their community. AGS is very honored to have been given this opportunity and couldn’t be more proud of how the project came together!

The Subaru brand name goes hand-in-hand with safety, quality, value, and customer service. Kelly Blue Book reports that Subaru is the most trusted automobile brand for four years running! What an honor that AGS was chosen to be the signage and environmental graphics manufacturer for Subaru’s new U.S. headquarters in Cherry Hill, NJ completed in the summer of 2018. This facility has 365,000 sq. feet of office building and training center space for its employees and customers. The highly creative wayfinding and environmental graphics were designed by Granum A/I, and photography is now available on our website showcasing our winning collaboration. Truly a success story for everyone at AGS to be proud of!

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