The AGS Face Shield Project

Project Spotlight, Information and Updates / 05.19.2020

The events of the last few months made all of us at AGS think about how we could do our part to support front-line workers in the fight against COVID-19. Then we heard that a client of ours, Kohelet Yeshiva high School in Merion Station, PA, had started making face shields to give to medical professionals. We knew we had found our opportunity to help.

Our team dove in, tooled the design for our equipment, sourced the materials, and called on our working-from-home colleagues to assemble the finished product. AGS has now manufactured 1500 masks. We were able to donate them to Chester County Hospital, Paoli Surgery Center, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Inglis House of Philadelphia, BeBee Medical Center, Jefferson Health Systems, and other local healthcare providers and law enforcement agencies.

Face Shield Finished Product_2
Face Shield Manufacture_2
Face Shield Manufacture_18

Unfortunately, there is a nationwide shortage of PPE so AGS is honored to be able to help in this small way. While we cannot thank our first responders enough for what they do, we thought this would be a productive way to help keep them safe and demonstrate our immense gratitude for their efforts.

To everyone who has stepped up during this pandemic, to everyone who is sacrificing so much to keep everyone else safe and healthy, and to everyone who continues to show up and face adversity head-on—AGS says thank you.

Face Shield Manufacture_9
Face Shield Manufacture_10
Face Shield Assembly at Home_2_W

To read more about how others in the sign industry are doing their part, visit

The inspiration behind our project:

Video credits: Thanks to Jon Sherman and his fantastic team at Video City Productions.

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