Customer Service

Company Process / 11.25.2020


Customer Service is KEY

At AGS, the Project Management Team prides themselves on clear, timely, and transparent communication with our clients. Our customer’s needs are always our number one priority and to ensure their confidence in AGS, we must build strong relationships.

Our Project Management Team faces an infinite number of obstacles in any given project. What we have learned from those experiences is how great communication can alleviate the pressure on both ourselves and the customers we serve. Whether we are relaying detailed information or discussing a challenge, the approach is the most crucial part in getting to a decision or resolution.

Understandably, our team desires to always provide good news to our customers, however, we know there are some difficult conversations that are needed to be had from time to time. AGS remains humble in delivering complicated circumstances and we are continuously improving. We care about our clients and we will always strive to communicate with the utmost urgency, respect, and honesty. We believe our Project Management Team achieves just that!


Mercy College

Project Spotlight / 10.23.2020


Project Highlight – Mercy College

AGS had the wonderful opportunity to fabricate interior signage and graphics for Mercy College’s newest renovation of Dorm 34. We were able to achieve Cannon Design’s beautiful vision with many fabrication prototypes and testing. This project was unique as Cannon Design created a schematic design that was not only stunning in appearance, but incredibly functional for the students residing in the building. Collaboration between AGS and Cannon Design led the project in a whole new direction when we provided samples of a digitally printed self-healing corkboard material. This created a long-lasting, operational piece of décor that is elegant yet useful. The graphics portion of the project not only contained the pin-up boards, but also integrated display cases, vinyl wall graphics, and dimensional letters. The room signage in this program was far from your typical ADA specifications. The room identifications were floor to ceiling with whiteboard material with dimensional numbers, insert signage, and ADA compliant numbering.


Project Management Organization with SmartSheet

Company Process / 07.27.2020

In order to successfully manage a project at AGS, organization is an absolute must. Between managing open issues, timelines, meetings, dialogues, etc., it feels as though chaos can ensue at any moment! The best way to avoid disorder and confusion is by having a strategy and keeping documented information logged appropriately. Because of this need to stay prepared, AGS is a subscriber of a web-based software called SmartSheet.


In the Loop: The Life and Times of Eric Lupacckino

Employee Spotlight / 06.24.2020

Meet Eric Lupacckino! Eric’s career at AGS began almost 12 years ago and he’s been an integral part of our Fabrication team ever since. Eric’s always the first one in and he helps the team start off each day on a good note by opening the shop; and organizing tools, materials, paperwork, and schedules. Then he’s on to cutting aluminum and welding parts. Additionally, Eric is our resident U/L certified lighting expert, so he might be wiring up electrical components for an illuminated monolith or programing an LED control. He’s also learning how to use our CNC router and regularly QCs the products that come out of our Machining department.

“You always have to double-check!”


The AGS Face Shield Project

Project Spotlight, Information and Updates / 05.19.2020

The events of the last few months made all of us at AGS think about how we could do our part to support front-line workers in the fight against COVID-19. Then we heard that a client of ours, Kohelet Yeshiva high School in Merion Station, PA, had started making face shields to give to medical professionals. We knew we had found our opportunity to help.


Information Update

Information and Updates / 03.18.2020







Dear AGS Community,

Hopefully you and your families are coping well with the growing urgency of the moment. Like you, we have great concern about the uncertain impacts of the COVID-19 Virus. You can trust that we are addressing this situation appropriately.

color gamut

Color Matching

Signage Process / 10.02.2019

Color matching has many inherent challenges. There is the visual: what the eye sees; there is CYMK: the traditional four color process used in printing;  there is RBG: what a monitor shows you; and finally there is Pantone: the measurable system we use in print and other media to dictate exact color matching. The printing process has its own unique limitations, as we can’t actually create everything that the eye sees.


Subaru of America

Project Spotlight / 08.29.20190 comments

AGS Chosen as the signage and environmental graphics manufacturer for Subaru

In 2018, AGS was presented with the opportunity to work on an immensely rewarding project alongside Subaru of America as they relocated their headquarters to Camden, NJ. Subaru is more than just a car company. They continue to stand by their promise to “always do the right thing” for their community. AGS is very honored to have been given this opportunity and couldn’t be more proud of how the project came together!


The Franklin Institute Donor Keys

Project Spotlight / 04.22.20180 comments

The Franklin Institute is among the most historic museums in the United States in which the education and development of science occurs. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it is named after the famous American scientist Benjamin Franklin, and is the home of the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial.


Virginia Hospital Center Exterior Signage Project

Project Spotlight, Design Process / 05.25.20150 comments

Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) in Arlington, VA serves the local Washington, DC community as a teaching hospital that provides state-of-the-art healthcare services in over 530,000 square feet of facilities.

In 2005 a new interior and exterior signage system had been installed with the addition of a new tower which connects to the existing buildings both within the hospital and underground from the parking garage. Since installation, VHC had been receiving feedback from its patients and visitors about the difficulty of navigating through the buildings.